Eye on the Prize



This past holiday weekend, I got all cozy and watched Chef, a movie recommended by my boyfriend. It’s cute, funny, and very modern – check it out on Netflix when you get a chance. The story centers on a chef who, at the end of the day, just wants to cook good food for people. It’s his passion that motivates him, and ultimately what helps to bring his family together again.

Watching the film made me almost envious over the chef’s intense love of creating new dishes in the kitchen. His fervor was infectious; the next day, I sat down at a Barnes and Noble Cafe and wrote for several hours, something I’m passionate about.

This got me to thinking that I wanted more inspiration, to help boost my spirits and keep me not only thinking about my goals, but actively desiring them. So, with the help of some Scotch Spray Mount, old foam core board from work, and my Tumblr blog, I got to work!


imageimageI ended up grabbing photos/quotes/inspirational figures that most closely resembled my current goals: fitness, nature exploration, and creative energy. I didn’t mean for it to come out so…neat! The amount of photos I chose just so happened to fit like that on the board. In the future, I want to continue adding and updating it as my goals change. For now, though, it serves as an awesome visual reminder to keep changing those can’ts into cans & dreams into plans ❤





Wanted: {Inspiration}


Well hello everyone, and welcome to 2015! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been struggling to get your head back into your typical routine. I had such a magical time on the East coast with my family that it’s been surreal being back at work trying to remember how to do my job (the key, really, is to make sure the executives have caffeine).

It wasn’t until I picked up my copy of Grace Helbig’s The Art of Pretending to be a Grown Up (a really funny, relatable read by YouTube personality Grace Helbig) that I realized that I was lacking inspiration! In her chapter on balancing work and play, one of Grace’s points is that in order tokeep motivated in any capacity, you should seek inspiration. Grace’s suggestion was to look up child prodigies on YouTube. In case that isn’t doing it for you, I have a few ideas of my own:

  1. Follow your idols on social media. I’m on Instagram everyday, and someone I’ve subscribed to is Reese Witherspoon. Her account is positive, bright, and chock full of inspiring quotes/photos (every Monday she posts a #MondayMuse). Seeing her accomplish her goals makes me want to do the same!
  2. Surround yourself with things that inspire you. When decorating your bedroom or cubicle at work, or even picking out a desktop for your computer background, think in terms of what is going to bring out the best in you. Maybe it’s photos of family and friends. Maybe it’s a vision board covered with photos of your goals. Or, it could simply be a quote that energizes you.
  3. Find someone who is better at something than you, and use it to motivate yourself. I went to college with a young woman who is a perpetual volunteer and defender of women’s rights. My volunteering record is sketchy at best. Learning about her exploits and reading her blog make me want to be on her level.
  4. Celebrate your accomplishments! Sometimes I look at my to-do list at the end of the day and am disappointed by all the things I didn’t get to. It’s then that I have to remind myself to be proud of everything I did do! Life is short, chores stink, and we’ll never get them all done. We might as well celebrate what we did manage to accomplish.
  5. Be your own best cheerleader. As adults, we don’t always have people patting us on the head and saying, “Good job!”, nor do we always have a personal trainer egging us on to do better. At the end of the day, you are the only one responsible for how you feel and how much you get done. I used to rag on myself whenever I didn’t get up early enough to go to the gym – it would ruin my entire day. Then, I decided to adopt a more forgiving attitude, one where I would cheer myself onward towards waking up during the wee hours of the morning. And if I decided to back to sleep? Not the end of the world.
  6. Immerse yourself in activities that make you excited to jump out of bed every day. Read Amy Poehler’s new book. Look at this article about celebrating women’s bodies. Listen to a song that makes you want to jump up and down. Try your hand at creating something. See a pretentious art film that makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time. The possibilities are endless, but what counts is that it makes you happy and re-energizes you to take on the world!

Also…don’t forget the cheesy Pinterest quotes!

At any given moment you have the power to say:  This is not how the story is going to end today.     #motivational - you have the ability to make a difference in your life.



After getting over the Hump Day with the help of a revamp workout play list (thanks Aubrey!), I like to begin the down slide o“This is what separates artists fromf the week with a little inspirational fun. I thought to myself, what is my inspiration? Just as I did, my mouse hoovered over the the corner button on my Windows task bar. This allowed me to see my wonderful desktop background. I like to have my backgrounds be something of inspiration-perfect timing for this post, right?!

My current background is a quote from author Anne Lamott. I stumbled upon this quote during one of my Pintrest benders. I haven’t read any of her books yet, but they look like amazing reads! This quote inspires me to be persistent and strong through any challenge.  Check it out, let me know what you think!

This is what separates artists from ordinary people: the belief, deep in our hearts, that if we build our castles well enough, somehow the ocean won’t wash them away. I think this is a wonderful kind of person to be.

-Anne Lamott

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