About Jess

Hey! I am Jess, a fresh 25 year old from the great state of Massachusetts. I am a recent M.Ed graduate with a background and passion in fashion. Much like every 20-something, I see the world as my oyster despite my aversion to the actual shellfish. I find that I am beginning my journey to being the ultimate renaissance woman.

I am motivated by the things I have yet to experience, but also challenged by my past. I am constantly seeking out bigger and better ways of doing things. I LOVE tinkering and starting projects that don’t always get finished. I have also been know to create the messiest of messes, but also been hailed as the best cleaner around.

Clearly, you can't take me anywhere.

Clearly, you can’t take me anywhere.

I am so excited to start this journey with Aubrey! We are excited to have a modern-aged can and string to keep us connected. More importantly, I am honored to share this experience with you!


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