About Us

“The Seekers” is a lifestyle blog that chronicles our journey navigating through our long distance relationship and our quest to find our place in this crazy, beautiful world. From DIY to fitness to travel and everything in between, we hope to inspire and challenge ourselves to experience it all. It all started in 2014 we – Jess and Aubrey – suddenly found ourselves 2,985 miles apart. Adventure, career, and thrills pull Aubrey towards the west coast and anchor Jess on the East Coast. This blog acts as a conduit between the different coasts and different lives. We hope this will  keep us connected and hold ourselves accountable for meeting new goals, going outside of our comfort zones, developing our crafts, and finding new inspiration.

At its core “The Seekers” is a space where we can enlighten, advise, and motivate not only each other but connect with you! Be you men, women, 20-somethings, 40-somethings, crafters, lovers, dreamers, children at heart, or thoroughly modern – everyone is welcome on our new bi-coastal adventure!

Meet the Seekers


Jess / / Aubrey


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