As of today, this post is 2 weeks and 2 days late…due to my old friend procrastination. A common reason for procrastination is simple: lack of routine. This lack of routine has had it’s share of excuses. ‘I am in school, I started a new job, I started traveling, I moved, I moved again, etc’ Most of these excuses come from changes that can be seen as “new beginnings”. One would think if you are starting something new you would have a routine in place for that something new to be successful. I find it ironic that my routines are put off by my new beginnings and my new beginnings are delayed due to my lack of all seems very cyclical.

Aubrey and I took a break from this blog to find our routines and to find our voices. We hoped that time away would clear our minds, refocus our thoughts, and find the voices that fit the story we are trying to tell . In addition, I personally hoped this break would allow for a little more time in my weekly schedule to gain control over my routine (or simply establish one). I can say this break brought upon many of our hopes and highlighted the barriers that forced us on this break in the first place.

So here I am- my first post back and I am admitting that my excuses and “new beginnings” where not the direct causes of my lack of routine. The cause was me. I was standing in my own way. I am getting caught up in life and excuses instead of focusing on making moves and moving forward. So it is with this revelation that I set aside whatever subliminal reasons for my productivity blockade and I make moves. I move forward. I post this post.

Cheers to moving forward!




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