Day 1

I woke up this morning not quite knowing when I arrived on the basement couch that served as my bed the night before, covered in an odd assortment of blankets and empty soda cans. I crawled upstairs into the brightness of 2016 – and spent the day surrounded by loved ones hanging in my pajamas and snacking on old Chinese food.
As I ruminated on the night before (spend eating, laughing, and playing Cards Against Humanity), I had a pang of almost-guilt. Last (last?) year, on the eve of 2015, I had planned a night to be remembered. There had been games, a play, a photo booth – we’d spent the night actively chasing midnight. 

Snowy afternoon

 This year was relaxed and without an itinerary. I had arrived on my aunt’s doorstep exhausted from a not-so-vacationy vacation, without anything prepared. I sheepishly greeted the new year,simultaneously welcoming its arrival and wanting to apologize for already being behind the ball.

Relief came this afternoon in the realization that I had placed an importance on the night that didn’t have to be there. It didn’t have to be a perfectly scheduled night of perfect laughs and perfect cocktails. I fell asleep on the countertop at 3AM listening to my friends’ rowdiness, my face hurting from smiling so much. I spent the first day of the new year with #HGTVNewYear (I miss cable so much!). The expectations I’d been worrying over weren’t mine – they were what I thought I should have. 

I hope you had a New Year’s Eve that was true to you. 2016, here we go!


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