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Weekends are all about unwinding and catching up with life that seems to be lost during the work week. Without fail, I find myself paying bills, organizing my snail mail and emails, and sleeping excessively on Saturdays and Sundays.

This weekend,  I was tasked with sifting through emails that did not successful catch my attention the day they were sent. I was instantly distracted  by watching promotional videos that were found in the body of some of the emails. One thing led to another and instantly I found myself watching all of the “recommended videos”-classic. Then, I stumbled upon the video below:

Something about this video reignited a flame inside of me.

re:loom employs and empowers homeless and low-income individuals through weaving beautifully-designed products out of upcycled materials. All profits benefit Atlanta’s Initiative for Affordable Housing to reduce homelessness. (Re:Loom Facebook)

How cute is this!

           How cute is this!

What I loved most about this organization is it’s ability to create a solution for an environmental, social, and economic need while providing meaningful products. I am a large supporter of the “buy local” movement, but this takes it one step further. Despite the higher price tag, these products are the fun and eclectic. From handbags to area rugs, this site is adorned with artisan goods that can fit any style or budget.

Not only has my desire to be a strong contributing member of this society increased, but I want to do it in a way that helps the most people possible. There is a lot of room for more industry like re:loom. Organizations that promote people supporting others through validating their strengths and utilizing the open market place seems to be a win, win all around.

My small goal: I want to focus on making every decision a meaningful one. Whether it be splurging on that clutch knowing my addition funds are supporting someone one or giving that extra hour of service, I have more power than I know to make a difference.

How have you helped someone today?Jess (2)

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