Derailed: The ‘oh too familiar’ journey back on track

UntitledAs you might have noticed, there has been some radio silence from the East coast. Posting, among other things, has fallen by the wayside these past few weeks. My nutrition, fitness, and temperament are just a few items on my resolution checklist that have not gotten the self care they deserve. It has been slightly scary how easily and quickly this derailment has happened. The mixture of stress, travel, and an over-abundance of “priorities” has caused my mind to turn to mush. So long to the daily workouts or the weekly budget check-in’s. For a quick second, I found myself believing that I was grounded in this stifled state.

So here we go. I will paint you the scene that is bringing me back on board.It is mid-afternoon on a weekday in downtown Boston. I sit with my Sam Adam’s Seasonal brew ( yes, not ashamed of my 2 o’clock hoppy pick me up) in this low lite restaurant. Why now, Why here? I will get to that soon.

I begin to realize that my motivators to keep me moving forward are the first things that get neglected. Once they have been neglected, I begin to feel stifled and stagnant. This increases my stress levels; which is what made me derail in the first place. This twisted circle is something I think we can all commiserate with. How do we get out of it?

I’m sure for most sitting in a pub isn’t the exact way to get back on track, but here are someways that I have…will use to ignite the momentum I once had.

1. Location, location, location- the factors that often push us over the edge are things that we surround ourselves with everyday. That is why, here in this pub, I am finding my way back. The hustle and bustle of the city is easing my stress and helping me to focus on what is important. It is just enough separation to get the job done. It is in this separation, I see a fuller, clearer picture. .

2. Be scared. I wrote a few months back about incorporating an element of fear into your life. I still work to do this daily. Often times, I get derailed into an overly comfortable state.  If I want to be this bigger, better person,I need to be scared and take the steps necessary to get me there.

3. Prioritize. I am very easily guilt-ed into situations. Whether it is babysitting my alien sister or spending that extra day with my man friend, I let others take more control of my decisions. Although these are positive situations to be in, I always neglect to consider myself. (This is where self care comes in) It is importance to prioritize yourself. I may not be number one on the list but I need to remember to do something that solely benefits me.

Here is to getting back into my rhythm, cheers!

Jess (2)


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