Well, I Tried: Mexican Sweet Potato Casserole

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Passion, thy name is cooking!

Seriously, though. If my kitchen didn’t heat up to 1,000,000 degrees every time I used the oven – and if groceries were a wee bit cheaper – I’d be in there every day whipping up a batch of this or that.

Cooking, as opposed to baking, has been relatively new to me. Sure, I helped make dinners at home growing up, but I lived in a residence hall all four years of college and depended heavily on the dining hall. Living on my own has thrust me into this new world of meal planning, shopping, and cooking, and I’m loving it so far. Nothing is more exciting than trying a new recipe and fervently hoping it A) doesn’t burn and B) tastes alright.

Additionally this year, I’ve embarked on a campaign to eat clean. This, to me, means less processed foods and more home cooking, using natural and healthy ingredients.

Thankfully, Pinterest exists, and has been more than obliging with providing dozens of new recipes to try. Some have been less than stellar, while others have become tried and true favorites.

Tonight, as apart of a series I’m going to call “Well, I tried”, I cooked up this week’s main dish: Mexican Sweet Potato Casserole from Olives’n’Wine. Here’s what I thought:

The Ingredients: Super simple grocery items, all of which I was able to buy at Target (I just so happened to be there shopping for other things). The only splurge was the quinoa, but luckily I had a box leftover from another recipe.



The Prep: Takes a bit of time. You’re supposed to grate the sweet potato into little pieces. Turns out, I don’t own a grater, so I used a potato peeler instead and turned them into little slices. It took about twenty to thirty minutes to grate down the giant potatoes I bought, AND I ended up having lots of leftovers, which I froze. Otherwise, you only have to chop the onion and the asparagus, and that’s fairly easy. The only other time consumer is cooking the quinoa (15 minutes-ish).

All tossed & ready to go

All tossed & ready to go

How’d It Come Out? Pretty good! Not a great idea for those who don’t like sweet potatoes, of course, considering that’s the main ingredient. I cooked it for 35 minutes, and that left everything softer, yet still with a slight crunch to it (just how I like it). It’s tasty, but not overtly flavorful. I started tasting it slowly, and then ended up going back for seconds and thirds.

Mmmm cheese!

Mmmm cheese!

The Verdict: Definitely a re-do recipe. PLUS it yielded tons of servings, so I won’t have to worry about running out mid-week.

Stay tuned for more recipe adventures!



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