Keeping that paper

As any person can admit, money and time are always fleeing. Be it we never have enough time or money to do anything. Sadly, the later has been always been my struggle.

2014 was a great year for my finances. I met with a financial adviser; whose sole advice was to focus on my student loans. (A huge blow to my investment and travel dreams) Through this meeting, I was able to finally understand the in’s and out’s of my cash flow. My struggle was {and still is} making sure that my “in’s” balanced out my “out’s”.

I turned to my good friend, Excel. I graphed my way into a full understanding of my debts and savings. I even mapped out how 2014 should be spent-financially speaking. With all of that said and done, I still find myself going over budget. How can you have a plan when the future is so unpredictable?

In times like these, I turn to my most trusted advisor, my yoda, my big sister. With only 1 more year of life experience than myself, she always seems to have a better grip on this adulthood thing. After numerous failed debit and credit card experiences, she holds true to the basic of all budgeting tools: cash.

Cash has always been a tricky concept for me to grasp with. The way I see it, if the cash has left the bank it is already spent. Translation: I go into a black out state and never seem to remember what I spent the cash on, making it spent before I buy anything. There is the problem-I rely too heavily on electronic documentation than take responsibility of where my money is going.

So with the advisement of my yoda, I plan to take my budget and turn it into cash. I plan to pay with cash in order to track and manage my money. Here are is my tool of choice:

Untitled design (7)This beautiful filing system will force me to take responsibility and ownership of where my money goes each week. I plan to budget out food, gas, fun, and Starbucks. (I will phase this out little by little)

Jess (2)


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