As my inbox is being flooded with spring break lounge wear and the newest styles of swimsuits, my daily Google searches consist of How to prevent ice damns? and How to avoid a heart attack while shoveling?  The extreme weather hitting the Northeast is just as crippling as predicted.

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Happily surviving Juno!

However, as one of the few snow lovers left in MA, I am in the hunt to survive these storms but also enjoy it while it is here! I am predicting a change of heart for all the haters once heatwaves hit this summer. My biggest complaint of these storms is the “snow globe” effect it has on my routine.

So far, 2015 has been very successful in regards to my NYE resolutions.February is the most critical time in predicting the long term success of NYE resolutions. It is now that the gyms return to their normal operating volume and where it shouldn’t be a struggle to bypass that 3 pm sugary snack. My philosphy is: If you can last a month, then 11 more months will be a cake walk.  I have made strides with the Spartan training, taking a hold of my adult responsibilities, and moving to a happier healthier version of myself. The massive amounts of snow have been standing my way of keeping this momentum going.

With the mixture of driving bans and mountains of snow that resemble The Wall  in Game of Thrones, it is hard enough to get to work never mind the gym. I am not surprised to find an amazing article from the Huffington Post that solves all my snow problems. From dead lifts to squats, this article covers all the staples for my training regiment.  The best part? It provides instruction to properly perform these exercises while shoveling. As the inches fall from the sky, I will be able to work towards new personal lifting records.

For all my snow lovers and haters alike, there is hope to stay on track!

Safe shoveling, folks!

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Check out the article here:


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