May I Blog More Frequently


Phew! After a week and a half of a nasty cold, I finally feel like I’m better & nearly back to normal. During that period, I tried to be extra kind to my body. That meant more sleep, less gym; heartier foods, less time cooking. While it felt really, REALLY good to embrace my – dare I say – lazier side, it’s made me be all the more appreciative of how much exercise and clean eating boost my confidence and overall make me feel great.

To help get me back in the saddle, I’ve enlisted the aid of setting weekly intentions. Before now, I’d only ever heard the term used in the smattering of yoga classes I’ve taken. According to the blog Abundant Mama, intentions keep us focused on our goals and help us “behave the way we wish to behave”.

You can make weekly intentions, daily intentions, weekend intentions, yearly ones, etc. What you must do is ask yourself what it is that you need out of your set period of time. Abundant Mama reminds readers that while our intentions are meant to be taken seriously, stuff happens and in the end, they’re just intentions.

In order to keep my intentions fresh in my mind, I framed a sheet of paper that reads, “Only Good Lies Before Me”. In the center, I can use dry-erase marker to write out my different intentions as they change. I think the end product is so-so, and eventually I’ll probably switch it out for something cuter, but in the meantime it’ll do!unnamed-1

Mine for this week are:

  • May I not be stressed
  • May I be balanced
  • May I have lots of creative energy
  • May I be mindful
  • May I take care of my body

Where do you see your week headed?



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