The Verdict Part II

MonogramI’ve got to say – this week’s challenge was BRUTAL, and quite honestly I wasn’t expecting it to be as hard as it was! I was feeling pretty cocky at the start of it. I’m in LA! Thrift stores are on every corner, especially in the nearby hipster neighborhoods. I figured I’d do my typical Goodwill loop and be done before I knew it.

Wrong wrong wrong!

My first weekend of thrifting was a nightmare, and I came out empty handed. I came away from it having learned some valuable lessons:

1) Surround yourself with people who have similar goals. I brought my roommate, who was only tagging along to look at furniture. He’d be finished looking at everything he wanted to before I even made it to the clothes racks. As a result, I felt rushed.

2) Wear the right clothes to try things on. Stick with neutral bras and not too many layers, which can slow down the trying-on process.

3) Be open to trying on new things. At the start, I was very picky about what kinds of clothes I was looking for, and I feel as though I ignored some pretty cool statement pieces that I should have given a chance.

4) Bring hand sanitizer. Just do it.

Having been inspired by Jess’s post, I asked around for some new thrift store destinations and set out for round two. My time at St. Vincent De Paul’s was incredibly fruitful. If Jess was channeling her inner Posh Spice, then say hello to Sporty Spice!

This form fitted sweatshirt caught my eye as soon as I saw the employees hang it. Aside from a small tear on the front, it’s practically brand new. Because the temperature fluctuates like crazy here, I’m all about layering, and so I paired it with this cute camping T-shirt!

Throw on some dark skinnies and a pair of sweet sneaks and you’re ready to tour the town.


image image image image




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