Friday Favorites


Happy Friday friends! On the off chance you’re facing some free time this weekend and don’t know what to do with yourself (besides nap!), I’ve compiled a list of my current favorite things.


Reading: The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling

This detective novel has everything you need for a good mystery: a lovable, rough-around-the-edges investigator/protagonist, a dead celebrity, and a slew of interesting characters from all walks of life who could have done the dirty deed. The story weaves between the protagonist’s life and the victim’s, as he tries to distance himself from his own messy past and figure out what went so wrong in hers. If you’re careful, you can see how the evidence all links up at the end (which I didn’t see coming at all). I had such a hard time putting this one down.


Watching: The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson

This film was absolutely absurd, and in the most entertaining of ways. Wes Anderson brings his unique style to this film about a concierge and his lobby boy at a popular European ski resort. If you’ve never seen anything by Anderson before, just know it’s going to seem strange, especially in the manner of storytelling/backstory/and characters. I laughed aloud more times than I could count, though – this Oscar-nom is a must watch!


Listening To: Serial, by Sara Koenig

This podcast (by the creators of This American Life from NPR) is a story told over the course of an entire season. And it’s a true story, by the way. This season (its first) is about the murder of a young woman in 1999, and investigates whether or not her ex-boyfriend, who remains in jail to this day, really killed her. I just downloaded the entire season on Sunday and I’m nearly halfway through the collection of 30-40 minute episodes. Never have I been so happy to be trapped in traffic!

What would you recommend I check out next??


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