The Verdict

Happy Friday! It has been a crazy week of weather up in New England. Blizzard Juno and the crazy weather systems on the way, have left nothing but beautiful mounds of snow and days locked indoors. With 36 inches and counting, it is clear that we have a long time till spring hits. I plan to use my weekend cleaning up more snow and getting cozy in my wonderful thrift shop find!Music can change the world because it (1)

Hours before Juno was to hit, I slid my way into a local thrift shop. I quickly sifted through the racks to find this gem. At only $8, this over-sized, button up was exactly what I was looking for. Styled simply with a tee and leggings, this kept me perfectly toasty with my Bean boots (slightly obsessed).

Andover Thrift Shop

How can I forget about this this number. It was tucked away among all of the over-sized broaches! No place for this sort of bling. I was ready to haggle the price down, but for $10 I already felt like it was a steal.

Salvation ArmyI really loved this challenge! It has been forever since I truly appreciated the wonders of a thrift shop. The fact that they are family owned, made for an even better treat! I also appreciate how far $20 can get me.

Check out the websites to these local thrift shops!

Andover thrift shop

Salvation Army

Jess (2)


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