Something in the Water


Welp. According to my mom, it’s still flu season. What I have yet to tell her is that I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet. Yikes! These days, though, I’m working harder than ever at my job, and my precious sick days are few. I literally and figuratively can’t afford to miss a single day of work. What’s a girl to do?!

The answer may lie in the kitchen. May I introduce…lemon water! It’s the age old secret that I really hadn’t heard of until very recently. I witnessed a few people doing it in the mornings at work, and dug a little deeper. Here’s what I found:

  1. Drinking lemon water promotes staying hydrated. Kind of a no brainer, but 0d9f6d390666b78966d55b80547bdfc1adding that little lemon zest can make drinking water more enjoyable
  2. It keeps your digestive system flowing smoothly
  3. It helps to treat and prevent UTIs
  4. It’s chock full of C vitamins, meaning your skin benefits massively
  5. Your immune system also will love the vitamin C, which will keep you healthy and stave off infection
  6. Lemon water can help lessen inflammation in joints.
  7. Lemons may contain vitamin C, but they also have potassium, which aids in brain and nerve function

Who knew, right? It’s recommended you have your lemon water first thing in the morning, before you eat a full meal. I’ve seen various ‘recipes’, but my favorite is made with a warm glass of water (cold water isn’t recommended, as it can sort of shock your system first thing in the morning), the juice from half of a medium sized lemon, a little bit of honey, and a pinch of cinnamon. The honey and the cinnamon both bring their own health properties to the table, but they also make the lemon water a little more tasty, in my opinion.

Stay happy, stay healthy! 🙂



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