Sweet Dreams Are Made of These


Sleep – even vampires need it. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a highlight of my day. Picture it – your pre-bed routine, finally climbing under those covers, settling in for the night. As I write this, I can feel my eyelids closing. It took me until college to realize that I’m someone who needs at least 8 hours a night. Otherwise, I go through my day like a zombie. Growing up, I was always the first person in bed at sleepovers, and even now I’m prone to passing out on friends’ couches. What can I say? I love catching some Z’s!

Here are some sleep facts you might not have been aware of:

  1. People with desk jobs and mentally taxing work are “exquisitely sensitive to even minor sleep loss.”
  2. Losing just one hour of sleep per night for a week can cause your brain to behave as though it has a BAC level of .10 – that’s more than the legal limit of .08 to drive!
  3. The effects of sleep loss on adults can include poor concentration, poor memory, and poor job performance.

I have a confession to make: for the past six months, I’ve been sleeping on an air mattress! A nice one, for sure,

Mr. Sock Monkey reclines joyously on our new bed

Mr. Sock Monkey reclines joyously on our new bed

but an air mattress all the same. Honestly, it was taking me a while to save for it. When I finally did, I had to use the money to fix my car. But, I’m a lucky gal, and for Christmas my dad matched what I’d saved since. This week, I welcomed home my brand-new queen sized mattress – and I’m in love!

Even more exciting is to see how my health improves as my body adjusts to sleeping on a real mattress again. I’m looking forward to improved moods, having an easier time getting up in the morning, and so much more!

Additionally, I’ve found a great list from PopSugar of other ways to get better sleep at night. Luckily, I’ve already got #17 down pat 😉



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