Climb to the top

Everyday, I am thinking about my next move. Whether it be my daily to-do lists or my lifetime goals. I am constantly thinking of what is next or what is to come. More recently, what is next in my career has been on the forefront. I think of what my next job prospect will be, but also how I will get such prospect. The hardest part about applying for the job is getting the employer to be able to see yourself in the position the way that you do.
On the way home from work, I listened to a very inspiring Ted Talk. Susan Colantuono spoke about three essential components that women need to climb up the leadership ladder. Yes, I am not in that place yet, but I believe this understanding should be built into all job searches and professional development opportunities regardless of what position or management level you are looking to enter.
 In a nutshell, she spoke about how we can harness our skills, ability to work with others and what she calls “ability to achieve and sustain extraordinary outcomes” to be able to land that next step in our careers. The main point of this talk was to highlight the ability to achieve these “outcomes” and how this piece of advice has been omitted from any of the advice given to us, especially women. Colantuono even emphasized how being able to showcase this understanding of outcomes will break the glass ceiling and increase the odds of us landing those positions.
 It is time to get to work. My resumes, cover letter, LinkedIn have all focused on 2 of the Colantuono  points I essentially need to rework my professional brand. I couldn’t tell you how long I slaved over my resume and cover letters only to hear nothing back. My biggest flaw is that missing component. I can talk about my skills and personality all day but I don’t talk at all about how I can be a positive beacon for  financial or business success for the company.
So before you hit send and relinquish control of your application, check to be sure you covered all of your bases. Make sure you can say ” Hey, I am amazing and I will be the best business and financial decision you will make all year.”
Check out Susan Colantuono’s TedTalk here.

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One thought on “Climb to the top

  1. I have no doubt that you will be extremely successful. You are so passionate and hardworking you will eventually achieve everything that you deserve. Just keep that beautiful smile out and keep reaching for the stars!


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