Ven Conmigo




I absolutely LOVE to travel. The red eye flights, the accumulation of tags your baggage accumulates, the excitement about going somewhere new. I’m even getting excited about “traveling” back to the east coast for Christmas! Which is why I was surprised that I haven’t really gone gone anywhere in a while. Since I graduated high school, my goal was to go somewhere new at least once every year.

And I’ve upheld that promise. Sort of. I have been somewhere new every year, for sure – this year, it was Los Angeles. What I miss, though, is picking a destination and then working towards getting myself there. One year, it was Disneyworld. Then El Paso as a volunteer. And Italy, with my best friend from college. New Orleans, to present a paper I’d written. Then this year, LA. I was surprised when I sat down to blog today that I didn’t have a new destination in mind. Where did I want to go?

Fun in Rome!

Fun in Rome!

Being a new college grad isn’t easy – student loans need to be paid back, and sometimes your income barely covers your expenses. It can be easy to dismiss ideas of travel as luxuries that can only be afforded after all the bills are paid off. But, looking back at my spending, I can see a lot of things that aren’t necessities that I’ve been spending my money on instead. A movie with friends. A dinner out with my roommate. A little pick me up treat at Starbucks. If I really wanted to nitpick, I could start by taking a look at these expenses first.

I truly believe that anything is possible with planning. Anything. Travel, business dreams, saving money in general, achieving a goal – as long as you budget and plan, you can do it. Too often, we can be deterred by the looming obstacles in our paths. One of my dreams is to hike the Appalachian Trail, but a lot of “what about’s” pop into my head. What about money? What about my job? What about my writing? What about my health? What about a hiking partner? It can get overwhelming.

The key is to take those what-about’s seriously, but break them down into manageable goals. What about money? Well, if I plan the trip for, say, three years down the road, then I will have three years to put money aside for it. What about my job? In three years, I could be planning on making a career move, or I could be at my same job. Either way, I have three years to inform my employers I’ll be taking a sabbatical for however long. And so on and so forth.

The hardest part now is where to travel to! For that, I made a quick list of cities and countries I’m dying to visit, and plugged them into a randomizer. The list needs a few tweaks, but here she is in all her glory:

2015 – Maui

2016 – The UK

2017 – Colorado Rockies

2018 – Alaska

2019 – Yosemite

2020 – Yellowstone

2021 – Brazil

2022 – Puerto Rico

2023 – Dude ranch in Michigan

2024 – Nashville

2025 – Vancouver

2026 – Bali

2027 – Iceland

2028 – Savannah

2029 – Alabama

2030 – Albuquerque

2031 – Greece

2032 – Australia

2033 – Seattle

2034 – Las Vegas

2035 – San Diego

2036 – Austin

2037 – Grand Canyon

2038 – Portland

2039 – Japan

2040 – France

2041 – Mach Picchu

2042 – Appalachian Trail

2043 – China

2044 – Chicago


This list has me covered until I’m 52! I can’t wait to start turning my travel dreams into reality. Anybody feel like going somewhere?




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