Old Pie, New Friends: Thankful in California



Happy Day-after Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your post-food bliss, or maybe you’re just getting home after some Black Friday shopping. Either way, I hope your holiday was full of good company & good food!

As Jess said, we had some really fun holiday traditions growing up. I distinctly remember she and her brother sacrificing me to the waterfall (read: large staircase) during a few of those games of Jurassic Park.

A lot has changed since then, traditions wise. Relatives have moved, or changed religions, or passed away. At first I was devastated, whenever a tradition would

A magical 2012 Thanksgiving in FL!

A magical 2012 Thanksgiving in FL!

change. As I got older, though, I realized that this presented new opportunities. One Thanksgiving, I joined a friend at Disney World in Florida because she couldn’t make it home for the holiday. We had an amazing (and very warm) time!

This year, I wasn’t able to go home for Turkey Day because of travel costs and limited vacation time. Instead, though, my boyfriend’s family in Northern California invited me up to join them! Happily I obliged, always loving some time out of the city. One 10-hour bus ride later, I was on my way to dinner at someone I barely knew’s house.

At first I was nervous, because I felt like I was interrupting a family dinner. When I got there, though, they couldn’t have been more welcoming. I wasn’t the only non-relative there, I discovered, when meeting so-and-so’s boyfriend or friend who had tagged along.

Wow, not in the city anymore!

Wow, not in the city anymore!

We laughed at the mutual awkwardness and clinked glasses in a toast to our new “family”. When the football game was turned on, I pulled a classic Aubrey move and fell asleep in a corner, stuffed from all the turkey and pie.

It was a perfect Thanksgiving, and reminded me all the more of how much I have to be grateful for this holiday season. Thanks to Jess’s post, I too will be participating in the thankx4 gratitude journal as a way to  be more present and appreciate all the good in my life.

Now, let’s blast the Christmas music!!




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