Who is ready for some football?!

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After reading Aubrey’s post about football, I realized that I am exactly like her co-workers. I am on the cusp of being an obsessive fantasy football player. The inexperience is what keeps me from being as obsessive as some of my co-workers. By nature, I am not a competitive person. My idea of competition embodied everything my pee-wee soccer coaches preached-It is all about fun! Fantasy has brought a new level of competition in my life.

Football has played a large part of my life. Every since my baby bro entered pop warner football, I was committed to being his biggest cheerleader. As he moved through each age group, I was there either working the chains or freezing in the stands. (New England doesn’t provide the easiest playing conditions) No matter the conditions or my current residence, I LOVED watching him play. Like most things, it came to an end once he graduated. Then I focused my attention on the majors. As you can guess, The Patriots are my team of choice and for years I would melt over Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowoski, and my favorite Tedy Bruscki.

This year is very different. My love for my hometown team has not wavered but has developed even deeper.This is my first year playing fantasy football and let me tell you-it is everything I imagined and more! I entered a low stakes league with my wonderful co-workers. My main motivator was to prove to the gentlemen of the workplace that us lady-folk can not only take this seriously-but clinch the win. I have been pulling out all the stops. Asking questions, researching, consulting with some experts (my brother), and even watching ESPN; I will stop at nothing to be an expert.

As we enter week 12, I have experienced it all. I am currently on my longest losing streak, but I have already figured out the secret to fantasy football. Luck. It is all about luck. Your draft position, the season match-ups, and the fate of your players are all up in the air for the might fantasy gods to determine your fate. I can not tell you the amounts of time predictions have fallen through and the underdogs are the winners-who does not love the underdog??

Can't help but love a man that rocks the number "12".

Can’t help but love a man that rocks the number “12”.

Needless to say, I am loving this opportunity to learn and better understand this language. I am also very willing to put my fate into the hands of Luck-Andrew Luck. It has also brought upon a deeper internal conflicts. Is it too soon to buy an Andrew Luck jersey?

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