Was That a Touchdown?



Let me tell you – should you ever want to bore me out of my mind, just toss some football on the TV. I know, I know, it’s popular and everyone really loves it. I’ve had family and friends explain the game to me countless times, as though knowing the rules will make me like it more. Sorry, folks, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Give me baseball, or hockey, or soccer. Just please, please don’t give me football.

Which has landed me in some hot (okay, lukewarm) water at work. Many people there are in love with football. My boss is a Packers fan, while other coworkers are cheering on the Tigers and the Seahawks.

It all sounds like gibberish to me anyways.

It all sounds like gibberish to me anyways.

They love it so much, they participate in some pretty serious fantasy football leagues in their free time.

Until recently, I wanted nothing to do with it. “Sports!” I’d facetiously cheer whenever passing by a game on the TV. I thought it was perfectly fine for me to be completely out of the loop. I did, at least, know who Tom Brady was.

Now, though, I’m starting to question my logic. On one hand, it is perfectly fine to not be into football, just like some people aren’t into Thai food or pop music. What’s not okay, though, is to completely isolate myself from the shared experience that the game represents. Football fuels morning kitchen chats, afternoon betting sessions, and late night cheering. I figure that if I can make myself watch an uninteresting movie just to stay in the know in the film world, then I can certainly take a few minutes to watch some highlight reels.

While I will never completely understand how football is scored, I can at least make this small gesture of appreciation to my co-workers. In return, I hope they stop making fun of my packed lunches. Go Pats!



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