Be Scared


 “Do one thing that scares you every day”-Eleanor Roosevelt

I like to wrap up my week doing a bit of refection; which is the easiest way for me to decompress. I think about what I  have done so far, (well, more of the things I wished I did) and I plan ahead to what I expect to cram into the two days of freedom. In my casual surfing, I stumbled upon this quote from the lovely former first lady.

Do something that scares me? The thought of it is scary enough. However, this quote has stuck with me all week. Believe it or not-there are a lot of things that scare me. Heights, falling, and  weird nightmares about breaking a tooth are a few things that are on my go-to list for top scariest things. There are a lot of small things, very ordinary things that scare me. Things that can easily be overcame. The “scare” factor is slightly different from my go-to scare list but it is enough to keep me from doing or experiencing them.

They range from making that dreaded appointment with my dentist to standing up for myself against the bullies that are car insurance agents. They are taking that leap of faith and moving out or changing career paths. These are all very simple things that people do on a daily basis. Yet, they are things on my to-do list that always get over looked.

This quote holds more power than I am willing to give it. Perhaps, it is the fear of understanding its true power that is keeping me from fully embracing it-until now. Eleanor and many woman that followed her are fearless trailblazers that empower people to be great. In order to be our greatest selves, we must be scared. Not just stay stagnant in the scared state, but to persevere through the paralyzing feelings and find the light on the other side.

Being scared should motivate, not debilitate. This weekend my plan is to make the list of things that I need to do that scare me. The first being to make that list. Then everyday, starting with the smallest task, I will do it and I will survive. I will be one step closer to getting over the fear of moving or visiting the dentist. I will be that much stronger to take on larger obstacles like purchasing a home on my own or even to allow my self to be selfish.

I need to always remind myself that I have survived a lot of what most people would consider their greatest fears. I need to appreciate my resiliency and use it to propel me into new adventures. I have conquered one fear today:I admitted I am scared and it feels great.

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