Ahh, Sundays! My one and only day that I have to myself – no work, no meetings, nothing. Usually, it’s my day to grocery shop, do laundry, see friends, and recharge my batteries for the week. More than anything, I love to cook up a real dinner and pamper myself with a home facial.

This week, I noticed my skin was looking quite shabby, shall we say, especially my face! Blame it on the full moon, blame it on November, but I was in need of some serious exfoliation.

Hello, Pinterest! Perusing my boards, I came across this incredibly simple, three ingredient recipe for a facial scrub. I decided to try it out before I met up with a friend for the afternoon. All you need is fine, organic sugar or brown sugar, vanilla extract, and coconut oil – all things I had laying around my cabinets.

photo 1

I wish I'd thought to have put it into a cute jar. Oh well.

I wish I’d thought to have put it into a cute jar. Oh well.

You mix them up in a small bowl and voila! Instant scrub. Happily, I took it to the bathroom for a test. Here’s what I learned:

  • It hurts. Maybe it’s because I used brown sugar that wasn’t fine enough, but holy moly does it exfoliate. Perhaps a bit too much, even. My skin being a little tender, I probably wouldn’t recommend using this every day.
  • It’s messy! Be sure to hold your face directly over the sink, because you’ll have little sugar clumps falling everywhere.
  • It feels like it works. After I rinsed off my face, I was amazed at how smooth and moisturized my skin felt (coconut oil is AMAZING, btw, you can use it for anything). And, I smell like a delicious sugar cookie.

A happy Sunday to all, and to all – get scrubbin’!





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