Putting Your Pinterest to Work


Let’s be honest here for a moment – we all have stuff. It might be a little, it might be a lot, but America is a nation of consumerism, and we are the ones doing the consuming. I try to be very conscious of how many possessions I have, and what purpose they are serving. In college, I even wrote my sophomore thesis on hoarding as a spectrum disorder (but more on that later). If I bring something into my house (new shoes, new decor, etc.), something also has to go out in its place. Does this always work? No, of course not – as any New England girl would know, you can’t have too many sweaters. Or pairs of riding boots. In general, though, this serves as my rule of thumb.

Which is why I am so flabbergasted at my own behavior when it comes to my Pinterest page. For those of you not currently obsessed with the website, it describes itself as “a visual discovery too that you can use unnamedto find ideas for all of your projects and interests”. Scrolling through, you can find hundreds upon
hundreds of ideas and inspirations for everything from fashion to DIY to cooking to tattoos. Should you ever see something you like, you “re-pin” the item into your own virtual collection, where it’s saved.

Admittedly, I hadn’t been overly rambunctious in recent months when it came to pinning things. Suddenly, though, I had an entire apartment to decorate and furnish! Pinterest was the go-to site for me to look up tutorials on building a bed frame and de-anting our kitchen.

Your first question is most likely, “How did that go, Aub?” Funny you ask, because it hasn’t! Interestingly enough, the rules I so strictly abide to in the “real” world in regards to accumulating things hasn’t translated well to the digital realm. Just yesterday, I observed that I have 40 pins on my recipes board. 40 pins, and I couldn’t tell you what kinds of recipes are stored there, nor have I even attempted to make any of them. I’ve become a digital hoarder, entranced by the idea that if I pin something, obviously I’ll make it at some point. And forget about deleting the pins – what if I needed one of them one day?

Enough was enough, I finally decided. Reluctantly, I chose to delete those pins I hadn’t looked at in months. Gone are the outdated outfits from My Style board that can no longer be found in stores. That tutorial about transferring images to wood? I’ve lost interest – deleted. As were the room inspiration pictures selected prior to my current apartment as a lot of them don’t match the space. I even deleted an entire BOARD that was dedicated to workouts I’ve never looked at and never will.

Obviously, there were things I didn’t and, quite frankly, wasn’t ready to get rid of yet. There are a lot of craft projects I have added there that I plan on doing for Christmas, and recipes I want to try for Thanksgiving. The trick will be to delete these pins if their allotted time frames come and go. Keeping everything current is my goal, in addition to actually taking the initiative to try these projects out. Otherwise, it’s sayonara, pins!


Pulled directly from my Pinterest, this is a main inspiration for how I’d like my room laid out when finished!



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