I apologize for the brevity and the slight repetitiveness of this post.

I am currently ending day 15 of my 19 straight day work week. I am cuddling up in hotel number 11 and just showered in what now takes the record for the most vile bathroom on the East coast. As you can imagine, I am entering into a very zombified state. Also, I am really appreciating the world I have waiting for me: my home. Being so far removed from my home has sharpened its definition and has increased my desire to return to it.

It is not so much the physical structure or the decor that signals its ownership. It is not directly the work or the schedule that I hold while I am there. It is the feeling. It is the feeling of belonging and of being needed. It is the comfort and security to be myself. It is knowing that I am missed and loved. I realize more and more that home holds no physical definition but is a feeling that I keep.

When I land back in Logan, I want to fully experience the feelings of my home. I am reminded of the appreciation I must show for the things and the home that I have. I plan to make the most of it by cuddling up in my own bed and taking the most glorious shower on my much anticipated day off. Wish me luck!

Jess (2)


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