Know your worth

UntitledHow do you quantify one’s value? Is it in one’s resume? experiences? personality? These are questions that find their way through my constant day dreams. It is often a challenge when trying to write a cover letter or even during an interview. How can you fully communicate your worth, if you don’t fully know it?

After hours and hours of HGTV, I have found the perfect metaphor for my value. The way I perceive my value is similar to how homes are assessed on the renovation shows. Bear with me.

In order to increase the home value, one has to increase it’s amenities and/or selling features. The kitchen, bathroom, and hardwood floors are perfect examples to how most of these shows add value. Much like the shows, I have increased my value by earning a master’s degree,work experience, and general knowledge of current events.

The most quantifiable value is found in the home’s selling price. However,  I have noticed that the value is not fully  felt until the reveal. The initial reaction shows how the improvements affected the home owners. The appreciation for the functionality of the space or the relief of having these new amenities is often vocalized and reinforced as the home owners explore it. I believe vocalizing this appreciation and admiration for homes increases the value of what was done to it.

This holds true to the way we are as professionals. We all strive to constantly improve and increase our “value”. With the improvements I have made, I don’t fully understand my value. I do believe that our perception of our true value is heightened when it is reaffirmed.

After reading an article in the Harvard Business Review, it seems that I am not alone with this thought. This article examines the barriers that keep women from apply to jobs. The article concludes that the biggest barrier is a woman’s misunderstanding of the hiring process. I think it would be insightful to go even deeper with this study. How does the subjects perception of their value influence their decision to apply?

This topic came to me after reading Aubrey’s post, Phenomenal Women. I am extremely honored and humbled to be included in a list of truly phenomenal women. Among that list are women that are truly passionate and selfless, but don’t fully know how amazing they are. They do and live their amazing lives without getting that full appreciation, or fully understanding their value. My goal is to be vocal, to be thankful, to be appreciative. I want to be sure that the amazing women I share my world with fully know how irreplaceable and how inspirational their lives are to me. I challenge myself and all of you to be vocal and to fully appreciate the wonderful people around you everyday.

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