Be Present.

UntitledOne of my favorite past times is people watching. As a kid, I would love to watch people and see if I could spot someone tripping on a shoe lace or falling up a flight of stairs. I loved to see what people do when they think no one is watching.

Today, as I sit in the airport, my observations are so much different than than as a kid. Everyone, I mean EVERYONE, is on some type of technology. A mixture of cell phones, tablets, laptops, mp3 players, and TV completely pull the life out of all the people around me. I know I am pointing out the obvious, but it is unbelievable how disconnected we all are from reality. I have read so many articles, Facebook posts, etc. chronicling the growing addiction of technology in our lives. Even walking, had been replaced by advances in technology in some instances. Even as I write now, I was just on my phone reading and responding to text messages.

Recently, I have been finding peace in just sitting alone. I become less stressed the longer I am a way from technology. The last time I was truly withdrawn from technology was during my backpacking excursion 3 years ago. For 3 full weeks, I was without a cell phone, internet, or Instagram. I relied on brief glimpses of my email or Google searches on a hostel’s community computer. I would check in with the necessary people with a quick email once a day. ONCE A DAY, if that. Just today, I have texted half of my phonebook at least a million times.

Untitled design (2)I know with the type of lifestyle and work responsibilities,  I can not completely fall off the grid like I did in Europe. However, there are many ways that I have found to unwind..more like unplug. Huffington Post compiled a list of things to do to to help unplug. I love all of these. Check them out here. 

My favorite is taking on this new seated position. I find it hilarious, yet extremely relaxing. Laying with my feet on the wall was surprisingly relaxing. Fully releasing and focusing on this position really helped me to 1. remember how to laugh at myself and 2. forget about the blinky light on my phone. My goal is to do the whole list this week! (most of it). I am really excited to tackle some art classes, take a bubble bath or bake my Memere’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. My goal is to be here, to be present. 

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