Take it to the cleaners

UntitledHappy weekend, folks! As each day passed this week, my laundry pile grew. I am sure I am not alone in the world of weekend chore charts. Often times my laundry is at the top of that list. I look for efficiency while cleaning; I want to do as much as I can in as little time. How do I accomplish such tasks? For laundry, I still take the college approach-throw the washer on the largest load possible with cold water.

My clothes are slowly dying on the inside because of this. I have been lucky so far in the upkeep of my things. I can proudly report only 2 casualties due to an overheated iron and a few workout clothes fell victim to a rabid dryer on the fritz.

The time is coming where I will need to step up my laundry game. As I mentioned in my last post, I am yearning for a new wardrobe; one that is mature and eclectic. I am looking for something to invest in, something that will outlast the slew of Forever 21 that is currently on my floor. I want to invest in quality versatile pieces. However, I am finding out that it is an investment in the upkeep, as well.

Dry cleaning had been such a mystery to me. As a kid, I would see my mom drop a load of “stuff” with a lovely couple. Magically, days later the ball of “stuff” was returned pressed and hanging. I never understood why she paid for someone to do her laundry when she would do ours all the time for free.

It was only until I dropped off my first load of dry-clean onlys that I fully saw the benefits.

  1. My clothes were clean! Yes, this sounds very redundant but, these clothes looked and felt clean. They magically turned the clocks back to the first time I saw these pieces. The colors were bright and the fabric was smooth!
  2. They are crisp! Dry cleaners are equipped with magical irons that can make any fabric crisp and clean. My collars and blazers are always hard and crisp, ready to go.
  3. They are fixed. I am the girl that always has the loose button or the hem that dropped. Dry cleaners are wizards when it comes to the care of clothes. Not only do they clean them, they fix them. So for all of those minor problems that we are too  lazy or can’t fix, they are there to fix them.
  4. Best of all-I didn’t have to do a thing! I had a solid 2 hrs back of my life. Hours I could spending doing other things…other chores.

I also learned that dry cleaners have many more tricks up their sleeves. They can also clean linens, upholstery, and they can also store excess out-of-season clothes. Who knew?!

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