Bring on the Bras


Bras – we love ‘em or we hate ‘em. They rank among the top five things I like to immediately strip off after a long day – what better than to hang loose while you relax at home? No wonder they burned them in the 60’s. Admittedly, I don’t have much to free, but nothing’s more uncomfortable than a bra that doesn’t fit quite right.

For most of us, bras are that one thing we don’t leave the house without. Many articles suggest that a majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. This doesn’t only affect how you look, but it can play a major role in your health as well. Bad-fitting bras have been linked to headaches, sagging, back pain, indigestion, shoulder pain, and more. Yikes!

Some may be inclined to measure themselves for a new bra, which experts recommend you buy every 6 months (yeah, okay). Well, whenever you’re ready for a new one, I highly recommend checking out this video by  Caty135 – she does an excellent job of explaining bra fitting:

Otherwise, you might ask the helpful associates at somewhere like Victoria’s Secret to do the measuring. As Caty warns, though, it’s not always entirely accurate. You know your body best – if something doesn’t feel quite right, then don’t buy it.

On Tuesday, I just so happened to have some leftover money on an Aerie gift card and a burning desire for a new bra. I even got up early to go the gym, so I’d have an evening free to shop. Now that’s dedication.

I found the closest Aerie in the Citadel Outlets Mall (which actually looks like a castle!). After work, I zoomed on over and found photomyself in bra heaven. A sales associate took pity on me as I fumbled my way around the store, and I explained I was looking for something with support, but not too much padding. She pulled me over to the Charley bra, and I was hooked! It was cute and fitted with a shape that allows for V-neck shirts and hooks in the back to make it a racer-back.

I scooped up two with different band sizes (it’s been a while since I’ve been bra shopping, but I kind of know what size I am). The larger size felt amazing as I ran through the checklist that Caty advises: the straps weren’t digging in, the band wasn’t riding up, and it comfortably conformed to my shape.

But I wasn’t sure, because it was so fitted. My old bra was stretched out beyond recognition at this point, and I couldn’t remember if it fit like this new one did at some point. For a second opinion, I paged the sales associate back. I threw back the door and asked her, did it look like it created back rolls? She couldn’t quite meet my eyes afterwards, but she said no. Unconvinced, I called my mom (it was 11PM EST by that point) and woke her up to send her a grainy selfie. Sleepily, she said it looked like it fit. Plus, it would stretch out as I wore it.

Success! I scooped up one Charley in a lacey nude/light pink – and in the spirit of BOGO, another Charley in hot pink for breast cancer awareness (all proceeds benefit Bright Pink)!


The Charley in hot pink!



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