Button up those….ponchos!

UntitledIt is that wonderful time of year in New England. Fall is known for it’s crisp days, beautiful colors, and great fashion. This season was designed to accommodate the wonderful wardrobe in requires. The layers and warmer fabrics are nothing short of inviting which is why I love this season so much. In New England, fashion needs to have both aesthetics and utility. The ability to layer and use different fabrics gives me the creative outlet that I desperately need.

In the past, I have been a lover of the riding boot, fleece, and an infinity scarf. It is a staple go to for many 20-somethings of this area. However, that love has diminished which has led me to a style rut. Now that I can invest in my look, I want to push the boundaries. I am looking to grow my into a more mature look, while still maintaining the eclectic nature of my style.

When caught in a fashion debacle, the fashion major in me takes over. I sift through the pages of all the fashion publications and go through the endless images from this year’s fashion week. As the aftershock of fashion week have settled, it is clear what front runner will be making an appearance in my closet-the poncho.

If you were to tell me that I would be donning a poncho, voluntarily, I would have thrown in the towel and just worked a trash bag for the rest of my life. (Sorry for the dramatics)

0 (3)After Burberry, unveiled their monogrammed poncho during their A/W 14 runway show and after the numerous celebrity sightings, the poncho can really grow on a girl. The silhouette it creates is something of a relaxed stature. The fabrics, lines, and detailing gives this outerwear the versatility that we all look for. I love the heavy weight and textured fabric, as well. They make it a perfect fit for fall.

0 (1)

In that same breath, I love the different functionality that has been given to the scarf. I love how the scarf adds volume to the look and securing it with the belt keeps the silhouette. Like I said, I am a lover of the infinity scarf but adding variety and versatility makes scarves even more lovable.

Styling the poncho and scarf will be extremely easy. They can be added to any staple to give it that refreshed look it needs. I plan on pairing it with skinny jeans with a blouse/flannel or with my fall dress with tights. I also plan on switching up my scarf game. Whether it is adding a belt to give it that tucked in look or creating a longer infinity loop, the scarf is safe in my fall line-up.Jess (2)


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