UntitledHappy Friday Folks!

After a long, tiresome week it is finally here-the weekend!?! I think we can all agree that Friday is by the far the best day of the week. For starters, we are able to put into motion all the daydreams we created throughout the week. Once 5 o’clock strikes, we are free! This will hopefully lead to infinite possibilities of fun, relaxation, and productivity.


This will NEVER get old.

However, Friday is also the worst day to actually work. Correction: It is the worst day to actually get work done. I like to find ways to keep myself on track and stay focused on leaving on time.  I often take mental breaks by cruising the pages of any social media site. In reality, I get sucked into Pintrest.  Today of all days, I stumbled upon this gem. Motivations-yes. Distracting-YES. 

Today, I needed something more. I needed something to pull my focus off of social media and back onto my work.I find that my trips to Starbucks are the remedy to any mental-block or troublesome day. The reason is beyond their wonderfully hand crafted beverages or their artisan pastry case. I love going to Starbucks for the experience.

To shed a little background, I worked at Starbucks during my wondrous year as a grad student. To this day, this has been my favorite job. My experience as a barista has shaped how I evaluate any job.

I loved rocking that green apron. I saw it as badge of excellence, that “it” fashion accessory, or a certificate of success. As a barista, I was a wheel in this intricate machine. I was part of a team that was dedicated to its purpose, its cause. I was given the support and autonomy to grow and develop my craft. I was rewarded for my successes and mentored in my short comings. I was able to connect and meet people from all walks of life. I met strangers who were committed tho their crafts and wholeheartedly supported mine.

I now use my visits to Starbucks as a reminder. A reminder to always seek out opportunities that are just as rewarding as Starbucks. It reminds and motivates me to never settle for less than that. It is also a great escape. It is a way for me to connect back to the network I built as a barista.

So yes, my Friday consisted of my grande, no ice berry hibiscus refresher. But, it also reminded me that my professional world is never settled and to push for more. Not a bad way to start my weekend, right?!

Go forth, dreamers of the world and Have an amazing weekend!

Jess (2)


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