Fall is Dead.


 At least, it is in SoCal. While everyone in New  England is celebrating the return of sweater  season, we here on the West coast are  experiencing record highs. Apparently September is a hot month, and it doesn’t start to cool down until around November. When it gets down into the 70s. And stays that way until next summer.

Well, I’ve been craving a little fall in my life, and so I turned to Pinterest and found this tutorial by Sweet Something Designs that uses old potpourri to make an autumn wreath! Inspired, I ran out to the local craft store after work and picked up an empty woven wreath, a couple extra fall-ish decorations, and a box of cinnamon-smelling potpourri (I sadly didn’t have some old stuff lying around. Luckily, all fall decor was 40% off!).IMG_3898

After about an hour of burning myself on hot glue, dropping the hot glue gun everywhere, and stressing over the symmetry of the orange slice placement – voila! Admittedly, my wreath is a bit more bare bones than the one I imitated, but there are only so many little walnut-shaped things you can put everywhere.IMG_3900 IMG_3902 IMG_3903

Quite happily, I hung my fragrant and autumnal wreath on our front door this morning. Just wait ‘til the neighbors get a load of this!


Happy fall! ❤



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