Someone old, someone new-Can someone be both?


I figured I would wrap up the week with something to get us thinking.

I am sure we have all noticed that at one time or another we find ourselves re calibrating to fit the different situation or people.  At this point, I am beginning to understand the different personas I have taken on. Surprisingly, none of them are drastically different from the other.  I have evolved myself to fit any and all situations. There is a family-Jess, pre-college Jess, college-Jess, and (the ever so fun) work-place Jess. I have followed in the footsteps of my girl Barbie (Accessories not included).

I began my introspective thought after an episode of How I Met Your Mother; which I have been binge watching all summer. Got to love Netflix, right?! During this particular episode, the idea of “revertigo” is introduced-meaning that a person can revert back to an earlier model of themselves when they are with a person from their past.  In this episode, Robin is smitten with the idea of being reunited with her high school sweetheart.  The moment she saw him, she became the version of herself that was last with him. More importantly, he saw her in the way he last knew her with little interest in who she has become.

It is crazy to think this phenomenon happens in daily life. If I didn’t catch myself doing it, then I would swear it’s an over exaggeration. I find this happening more with those…I’ll name them the “blue moon friends.

The “blue moon” friend is someone you reconnect with …basically, every blue moon. These friends are frozen in time. The moment that we reconnect it is just as if we step through time.

Is this a bad thing? At the first, I don’t mind it. It’s a trip down memory lane. It is a feeling of safety, nostalgia, and comfort.  It is often easier-just to pick up where you left off.

Where is the line? Where is the balance of being true to your newer self and pretending to be a version that no longer exists?

Recently, I caught myself reverting back to an older version. I was having the conversations and feelings of my old self, but at my core I have evolved way past what I was projecting. It was when a friend reaffirmed something that was no longer true about me. Instantly, I reverted back to my present day self. It was almost as if someone pulled the emergency brake. Jess, this is not you. Correct them!

As I am searching for the answers, I take comfort in knowing that we all evolve!  I am so fortunate to have wonderful memories and people who have evolved with me. So the closest answer I have to all of my questions is: If a person or memory is truly valuable, then they can evolve too!

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